We’ve all got a mate who likes to bullshit after a beer or two, right?

So I was half way through my second pint (Fosters and Lime) when Connor started waffling on about some ‘fantasy’ theme park where you can ride a Tron bike on ‘The Grid’ – like Flynn does in the movie.

We obviously thought he was chatting crap again, but it turns out this time he wasn’t – costing me the next round and a shot of Jager.

Disney have just opened Tomorrowland theme park in Shanghai, China – and you’ll never guess their main attraction… A 60mph, ‘TRON Lightcycle Power Run’ roller coaster!

Day passes to the Shanghai Disneyland cost roughly £56 – which is a right bargain if you ask me.

Flights to China won’t be cheap though – so you best start saving.

Well, unless you manage to find a Flynn’s arcade and teleport there of course 😉


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This article was written and published by Mark Walpole, on 27 Jul, 2016.

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