Ever wondered what’d happen if an angry elephant charged your car?

Well, this unfortunate tourist found out – after the safari giant quite literally smashed the guy’s vehicle to pieces.

The petrified lad is heard shouting “Ai jai jai”, as he continues to film from inside the double-cab bakkie, before getting flipped over.

Fortunately, the driver survived the attack which took place at the Maputo Game Reserve, in Mozambique, South Africa.

According to Elephant specialist, Dr Marion Garai – most charges are just threats.

Here’s 4 ways you can tell if the beast means business or not.

1. Watch the ears! If they’re flopping about, you’re probably safe. But as soon as they start to fan out – you’re f*****!!!

2. Trunk test: If the trunks curled inward and the ears pinned back… Errr, you’re in big shit!

3. Listen. Most elephants give you a warning before causing beef. And their trumpet is hardly quiet.

4. Displacement. Twitching trunks, swinging legs back and forth… If the beast looks uncomfortable, you better pack your bags like Nelly!

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This article was written and published by Lee Walpole, on 05 Jul, 2016.

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