Now while everyone is really very excited about the Giulia Quadrifoglio, it isn’t going to be the best selling version of the new Alfa saloon. The responsibility for truly re-establishing Alfa back in the compact executive market lies with the regular diesels and petrols, prices for which have now been announced.

Coming to an outside lane near you soon!
Coming to an outside lane near you soon!

The range starts at £29,180 for the 200hp petrol turbo, which compares well with the £29,100 asked for a 190hp Audi A4 2.0 TFSI Sport. However with cloth seats, 16-inch wheels and the smaller navigation screen, it seems unlikely that the base Giulia will prove the most popular option. The £30,880 Giulia Super brings 17-inch wheels, the 8.8-inch navigation screen (with a supplementary seven-inch TFT screen), plus leather and cloth seats.

But of course the biggest sellers in the UK will be the diesels models; the 150hp diesel starts at £30,750 in Super trim, against £30,270 for a 320d Sport and £29,775 for a Jaguar XE 2.0d SE. The lower powered diesel is also offered in Tecnica spec, which brings a rear-view camera, a driver assistance pack and power seats. It costs £30,995.

The 180hp diesel carries a £1,200 premium over the 150hp car, making the Super £31,950; a Tecnica is £32,195. The more powerful diesel is also offered as a Speciale too, with additional equipment over the Tecnica including 18-inch ‘Sport’ alloy wheels, heated front seats and wheel, aluminium trim, leather seats and different bumpers. It costs £34,150. For point of reference, a 320d M Sport is £32,770, a C250d Sport is £34,825 (with an automatic) and a 190hp 2.0 TDI S Line A4 £32,900.

A lot of numbers to deal with there, but the Giulia appears class competitive so far. Remember that there won’t be a manual in UK cars at all, with every model getting the eight-speed auto as standard. Buyers will have 13 colours to choose from at least, with the car officially going on sale later this year. Could the Giulia really be the car to pose a genuine Italian threat to the Germans again?

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