The era of GT1 racing is now behind us, but not so far behind that we can’t remember who the key players were. Maserati was arguably chief among them with its MC12, and now you can take home a highly tempting piece of that action with the car you see here.

The MC12, for those unfamiliar, was Maserati’s version of the Ferrari Enzo. It was essentially the same car underneath, but fitted with new bodywork and homologated for GT1 racing – the top sports car class of the time this side of the prototypes. And the Maser positively dominated.

Maserati took back-to-back titles with the MC12 in the Italian GT Championship before GT1 cars were banned. Then it focused its attention on the international FIA GT Championship, taking five consecutive titles and one more after the series regrouped as the FIA GT1 Championship.

That’s some track record, achieved by a dozen or so racing-spec MC12s, like this one being offered for sale by Joe Macari, an exotic automobile dealership in South West London. This is the car that won the Italian GT Championship in 2006, taking a dozen race wins along the way. It didn’t fare as well in the FIA GT series the following season, but that does little to tarnish the commanding role it played in the national series the year before.

Macari has it listed on the DuPont Registry for a dollar short of $10 million, which is a rather princely sum indeed. But if you’d prefer one of the 50 road-going examples, the dealership has one of those available as well – resplendent in deep blue carbon fiber – for the same price.




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