The Best Dressed Men Of The Week

The Best Dressed Men Of The Week


Who: G-Eazy

Where: Lollapalooza, Chicago

The ‘Me, Myself and I’ singer shows he doesn’t need anyone aside from number one (and maybe a reasonably skilled stylist).

Here, G-Eazy anchors his printed piece with some low-key wardrobe staples, letting his statement shirt take its rightful place centre stage – offering us all a masterclass in casual style while he’s at it.

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Who: Oliver Cheshire

Where: Goodwood Festival, Chichester

Perfect tie dimple, successful modelling career, banging girlfriend, sharp suit – Oliver Cheshire has it all.

The walking photo opp is a master of formal dress codes and although his sockless move here is controversial, the classic three-piece is enough to lower any raised eyebrows.

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Who: Usher

Where: New York City

Yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah. Not the lyrics to Usher’s most famous mid-noughties hit, but our response to the chart-topper’s black-on-black co-ord.

Granted, the double chain is a bit Young Money, but other details like the patterned chest pocket and textured slip-ons provide just enough contrast to make this all-black ensemble pop.

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Who: Jay Hernandez

Where: Miami, Florida

Suicide Squad might have audiences questioning what the point in living is, but here Jay Hernandez proves his off-duty style is enough to make anyone see the light.

The Bad Moms star keeps it simple with a micro dot shirt, straight-leg jeans and classic Converse – all tonally tied together with a blue colour scheme. Subpar film, stellar style.

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Who: Scott Disick

Where: Los Angeles, California

With reality TV shows and LA living, Scott Disick is a busy man. But never too busy to pick out some style-hitting looks.

This summer-friendly look takes two staple pieces and combines them with one point of difference – the tie-dye-tinged shorts. Better yet, Disick’s clean colour palette lets the below-the-belt statement speak volumes.

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Who: Nicholas Hoult

Where: Collide Premiere, Frankfurt

Not content with flipping cars on Fury Road and fighting mutant discrimination with the X-Men, Nicholas Hoult also finds time to school the world in off-duty looks.

Not every premiere needs to be a suit-and-tie affair as the Collide star shows here, combining savvy layering – the tee and check shirt – with expert colour coordination throughout.

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Who: Jenson Button

Where: Beverley Hills, Los Angeles

Ever seen Jenson Button outside of a McLaren racer? Us neither. But it seems the F1 pro can hit pole position in his civvies too – this time he secures a podium finish with a well-fitting white T-shirt (the most essential of men’s wardrobe essentials) and stonewash denim shorts.

Plus, the racing champ proves that not skipping the gym can make even the simplest outfits shine.

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Who: Jeff Goldblum

Where: 9th Annual Oceana SeaChange Summer Party, California

Sea levels may be rising but Jeff Goldblum’s on-point style shows no signs of shifting.

Prepped for a battle with climate change, the Hollywood vet knows sleek navy tailoring’s almost always the best armour. We can almost forgive the vaudeville shoes (almost).

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