Unless you have at least $2 million sitting in your bank account, a Veyron or Chiron are out of reach. If you have a fair more reasonable $385 laying around, however, you can at least get part of a Bugatti.

TMB Art Metal has created a set of cufflinks which are actually made from the aluminum from one of the wheels used on a very early Veyron production car, made by OZ Racing. That donor car resides in Monaco and the design of the cufflinks directly mimic the recognizable glistening 12-spoke design of the Veyron’s standard wheels.

Of course, the ‘tires’ of the cufflinks aren’t produced from rubber and are instead bronze coated. Alternatively, they can be finished in chrome black to better resemble the real thing.

Discussing the cufflinks, TMB Art Metal founder Christopher Bennett said “With the launch of the new Chiron, Bugatti has underlined its ability to make the greatest sports cars on the planet. These cufflinks pay tribute to another of Bugatti’s glorious creations, and are a much more affordable way for owners and fans alike to carry a piece of the Veyron around with them.”




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