Hot as F*** Trailer cab

Hot as F*** Trailer cab


(Image credit: Matterport)

Somebody spent a lot of time decorating this Scania semi-truck cab with intense illustrations of vikings, and then even more time creating an interactive 3D parking garage to let you crawl all over it from your computer. Check it!

The “3D Virtulet Tour” of this Berthons Scania R580 lets you walk around and climb inside one seriously wild looking big rig. The graphics are impressive, but the whole immersive experience is the coolest takeaway. It’s like a first-person video game, except, you’re just walking around this big truck.

Here’s a “live-action” peek around the machine for you to compare. Don’t scratch yourself on the axe.

The truck rolls in the fleet of Swedish logistics outfit Berthons Transportation, which is all about the fierce airbrushing jobs. The company’s R560 “Hot Rod” is even more impressive, since the artwork spills out onto two trailers.

Looks like some of the best big rigs live outside America after all!