Race cars are a things of excellence and sheer beauty. Low, squat and dramatic, they are driven by great drivers at tremendous speeds on legendary race tracks. But what about seeing these cars on the road? If you are lucky, you may catch a glimpse of rally cars going from one stage to another. McLaren had built six road going F1 GTRs – known as F1 LMs – and more recently allowed Lanzante to transform the last six P1 GTRs to P1 LMs for use on road. But what about Ferrari, Lamborghini and all the rest?

The OP here, ‘AmoCS’, wants to know whether a Ferrari 430 Challenge has ever been adapted for road use. A Ferrari 458 Challenge has been seen on the road and member ‘Traxx’ said that converting a 458 Challenge into a roadworthy state will cost between £20K and £30K; therefore, hypothetically, it will cost you less to buy and convert a 430 Challenge to road use than a 430 Scuderia. Can it be done?

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