Your Ridiculously Awesome McLaren Wallpaper Is Here

Your Ridiculously Awesome McLaren Wallpaper Is Here


Photo credit: Joel Strickland

Sure, having a McLaren on your desktop is great (though having a real one is, admittedly, better). It would be just flashy enough, get the attention of passerby and perhaps give you the motivation to speed through your workday. But having two McLarens on your desktop? That’s the way to do it.

This weekend’s wallpaper comes from Joel Strickland, who got the chance to photograph a McLaren 570S and 540C in scenic Australia.

Raphael Orlove was behind the wheel of that McLaren, and admittedly felt out of place because the car gives off the vibe that it belongs in a location like the one picture above instead. But once the car is out of that type of scenery, Raph said a driver can “finally get a sense of its speed, its performance, its fragility, and (with its electronic assistance turned off) its difficulty.”

With wallpapers, though, perhaps the McLaren is better off on some estate in Australia. If you’re into dirt tracking and really want a photo of our adventure at Eldora for your desktop, maybe we can make that happen. Maybe.

And, if you’re into photography and want to see a photo of yours featured as a weekend wallpaper, go ahead and send a couple of them to the address below. We’d love to see them.