Chris Mosier, the first transgender athlete to make the U.S. men’s Olympic team, stars in Nike’s newest TV advertisement, which aired Monday night on NBC. Mosier, a duathlete who began his transition in 2010, joined the men’s national team in 2015. Now, 32 years after Nike’s first television ad, Mosier is the brand’s first transgender athlete in a commercial.

“Everything that I’ve done in the last five, six years since I started to transition, has been with [a] ‘Just Do It’ mindset,” Mosier said in a statement. “I didn’t know if I would be competitive against men; I just did it. Every success that I’ve had since then has shown me that anything is really possible. By not stopping myself, not limiting myself and just really going for it, I’ve learned a lot about myself and also had the opportunity to further the conversation on trans inclusion in sports.”

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The advertisement—part of the brand’s ongoing “Unlimited” campaign—breaks the fourth wall as Mosier explains to a narrator about competing on the men’s Olympic team. Mosier answers questions while participating in various events and changing in the locker room.

“Being the first trans man on a U.S. men’s national team was a dream come true for me,” Mosier said. “It’s just such an amazing opportunity — and an amazing opportunity for other people to see themselves reflected in someone succeeding in sports as a trans man.”

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