What’s better than watching a Porsche driving through the Alps? You guessed it: 9 Porsches driving through the Alps. And that’s just what Germany’s CURVES Magazine captured in this latest video… and captured it rather artfully, we might add.

The clip was compiled over the course of four days, during which the motorcade traversed 2,000 kilometers (over 1,200 miles) and though 20 twisting, picturesque mountain passes in an array of 911s of varying types and vintages… and, if our eyes don’t deceive us, one Cayman GT4.

It’s the kind of road trip we’d be eager to take at some point in our lives, with or without the wingmen. And the people at CURVES (not to be confused with Curve magazine) managed to make it look even more tantalizing in this four-minute video. Go ahead, try and watch it just once. We dare you.




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