Modern Lamborghinis garner a lot of attention from kids standing on pavements hunting supercars. Aventadors and Huracans have become almost common in certain parts of the country, their engines admired and admonished in equal measure. But when the classics come out, it’s almost always enjoyed. OP ‘snapper seven’ has unearthed some superb old photos at a car meet in the 1990s.

Countless Countachs, a couple of Espadas, Miura SVs and a very special Miura Roadster – the ZN75 – can be seen in the thread. Said to be the only Miura Roadster in existence, it was sold to the International Lead Zinc Research Organisation (ILZRO) that replaced a number of panels with lead and zinc ones. We are happy to announce that the original poster is going to be adding some more photos soon and PH welcomes any other photos people have of period Lamborghinis.

Show us your period Lamborghinis here.


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