You might think the MG Metro wasn’t a real game changer in FIA’s mental Group B, but if it was good enough for Colin McRae, it’s good enough for you.

Colin McRae is regarded as one of the best British drivers the world has ever seen, becoming the youngest person to win the World Rally Championship Driver’s title in 1995, at age 27 – a record that still holds.

According to the seller, after McRae retired in 2006, he bought this insanely rare Metro 6R4 with his own money for the pure pleasure of owning and driving it. Needless to say, the 6R4 suited his “go hard or go home” approach to rallying perfectly, especially as he was (reportedly) still looking for a driver’s seat in WRC at that time.

Unfortunately, after using it as a Course car, the Metro caught fire whilst McRae was working on it in his garage. recently completed a full tarmac-spec restoration of the car, having it road registered as well.

With a 3.0-litre, 6-cylinder International Engine under its belt, the four-wheel-drive Metro bears little resemblance to its production counterpart. It might not have been the most glamorous or successful Group B race car (the 6R4s never managed to complete a course back in the day, as the majority suffered engine problems), but it has all the ingredients to satisfy a petrolhead.

The drawback? You’ll need to spend £350,000 ($457,229) to have it in your garage. The seller is willing to trade it for a lesser 6R4, a Group B rally car or an old F1 if you happened to have any of those.





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