Now originally this story was going to feature a Maybach of some kind; there’s that new concept to link it with for a start, but it would also have been interesting to see if the PH reception would be any warmer with a few years having passed. But with cars like this still commanding £95K with 60,000 miles, it appeared there must be better places to invest your money.

Now  that's how to do wheel design
Now that’s how to do wheel design

Alright, so ‘invest’ may be the wrong word when talking about cars that plummet in value like one of those cartoon anvils pushed off a cliff. But when it means cars like this Mulsanne are available for so much less than their original price, we shall not complain!

Now we have covered the £100K Phantom previously, but now’s the time to consider the Bentley alternative. If £98,000 can ever look exceptional value, this car does. Interestingly, as the Mulsanne has been around for a little while now, there are a few cars available for less than £100,000 – take your pick!

While the style may not be to all tastes – some find the headlight arrangement a little odd – there’s something delightfully old-school Bentley about the Mulsanne. It still uses the 6.75-litre twin-turbo V8, for example, here producing 512hp and 752lb ft. That outrageous peak torque figure is made at 1,750rpm too, ensuring the most effortless of progress.

Look at the inside as well. The wood is dark, the leather is extensive and the carbon fibre is absent – this is traditional luxury at its very best. Imagine how different a Continental GTC customer must be to the one after a Mulsanne.

Get yourself comfortable
Get yourself comfortable

Anyway, to the particulars of this car. The spec appealed, in a fairly unassuming exterior colour (with some fantastic wheels) and a nicely appointed interior too. There are all manner of colour combinations available, of course, but the Mulsanne does seem to suit a lot of them.

However, the most intriguing aspect of this Mulsanne is the price. Yes, as a 2011 car it’s one of the earliest, but then there wasn’t a significant update for a good few years after launch. Yet with only 8,000 miles recorded, it’s for sale at £98,950. Right now a brand new Mulsanne would cost you £229,360.

Of course that’s still a huge amount of money. And, yes, it seem likely the Mulsanne will depreciate further from this point. It will surely cost a lot to maintain too. But for this much luxury, performance and presence, that amount doesn’t seem totally barmy. With a private numberplate on it many would struggle to tell it apart from something brand new.

The logical decision would probably be to buy a new luxury saloon like a 7 Series or S-Class, with their greater efficiency, more advanced technology and manufacturer warranties. But if ever there was a compelling case against logical, this Bentley has to be it. If the numbers can be made to work in your favour, it could be sublime. Good luck!

Why you should: BMW price, Bentley luxury
Why you shouldn’t: Still £100K, the money also needed to run it

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