Pebble Beach is the place to show off your most exotic/luxurious/fabulous (delete as appropriate, or select all three) vehicle; this is the place where all of the world’s wealthiest car people congregate, after all. Think McLaren X-1, Jaguar E-Type Lightweight and so on.

The 2016 Pebble Beach event will see the debut of another concept aimed at the super well-heeled, known currently as just the ‘Mercedes-Maybach concept’. Yes, it’s another one that’s being ‘teased’ before the full debut. However, as it’s just a few days off, we’ll play along with this one.

Predictably there’s not a lot to go off at the moment, Mercedes only releasing this image with the line “hot and cool – almost six metres of ultimate luxury.” It looks from the picture to have hints of the old Exelero concept, mainly because it’s a huge Maybach two-door with a big bonnet. It’s a traditional luxury coupe by the looks of it, the cab well back, the windowline narrow and the styling very swoopy.

So could this be a car to make the Rolls-Royce Wraith look a bit ordinary? More from California next week!

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