All too often, people call hardcore sports models ‘race cars for the road‘. In reality, they’re not and are generally just road cars in flashing suits pretending to be racing cars.

The Ferrari F430 Challenge, on the other hand, is a race car in the truest sense of the word, even though it may be based around a road car. It’s therefore the ideal tool for private racing drivers and teams who can take it to the track to fully exploit or as it happens, for Doug DeMuro to drive on the street.

To the uninitiated, an F430 Challenge doesn’t look all that different to the regular F430. It is however, very, very different. For starters, the suspension is completely new and focused solely for driving on perfectly surfaced racetracks without a stick or a leaf in sight. That means that on city streets with potholes, it is about as comfortable as being shot.

True track racers like this come without carpets or sound-deadening in order to ensure it weighs as little as possible. Those two factors and the lack of a CD player, air conditioning or a comfortable seat certainly make this car far from suitable for everyday driving, making this video particularly worth watching.


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