As the official vehicle sponsor of the National Basketball Association (NBA), Kia is well-versed at generating all sorts of content revolving around one of the world’s greatest sports leagues.

This past NBA season, people who attended games all across the United States got the chance to check out the likes of the Optima as well as the Sorento SUV, but let’s just say that only one of those models was capable of getting people in the zone.

The new Optima impressed some game patrons with its Nappa leather seats and tech features, yet it was a strange voice that got sports fans to sing along and have a blast inside a car that Kia would describe as being “anything but an average mid-size sedan”.

Despite the Korean automaker’s clever marketing strategy and its association with the NBA, the Optima has yet to hit any impressive sales figures in the US this year.

Even so, the basketball fans that came in contact with it during the making of this video did seem to enjoy themselves while singing “car-e-oke”. So at least there’s that.


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