Mixing Too Many Plasti Dips Accidentally Made This Amazing New Green

Mixing Too Many Plasti Dips Accidentally Made This Amazing New Green


(Images via DipYourCar)

“Plasti Dip” and its other-brand equivalents are sprayable removable rubberizing coatings that have become a popular way to customize cars. It sort of holds like a vinyl wrap paint, but mixes a little like paint. This gives you a lot of room for experimentation, which worked out pretty well here.

I won’t deny that my obsession with Plasti Dip, Flex coatings similar products is a little weird. Something about the rubbery texture covering a car just seems really cool. And who doesn’t love a fresh color?

As Plasti Dip’s risen in popularity with DIY auto enthusiasts, DipYourCar and its frontman “Fonzie” have done a pretty good job positioning themselves as an authority in the stuff. They’re always uploading instructional, demonstration and experimental “dip” project videos which is great for people who want to spray the stuff themselves. Actually, it’s even better for people like me who just want to watch it dry. (The stuff is actually pretty expensive and time-consuming to play with yourself.)

Anyway “Plasti Dip” is one brand, but similar products are also made by other paint brands and more “professional” versions, designed to be sprayed from a compressor-powered gun instead of a can, also exist.

To make this pearlescent alligator Audi, which Fonzie just calls “a beautiful accident,” he started with a “primer” layer, a white layer, a yellow layer, and another layer of yellow before deciding he wanted to try something different.

While leaving those layers on the car, he explains in the video that he mixed two gallons of “clear” dip-liquid, and then a mix of colors called “green apple juice,” “radioactive green pearl,” “nebular yellow” and a green “spray-wrap tint.”

It’s important to note these aren’t all “Plasti Dips” per se, but they’re all removable coatings working on the same principle. The brand Plasti Dip just has the benefit of being synonymous with the product; like “Kleenex” or “Jet Ski.”

If you’ve ever messed with paint before, you might know you achieve certain looks by mixing colors and others by laying down separate layers. This video is an interesting example of how Plasti Dip is different, but kind of the same. And frankly I just think it’s cool to see what happens when you throw different coatings on a car.

This lightly pearlescent green is one of my new favorite car colors. Too bad I would never have the patience to put down that many layers of this stuff on anything. For your reference, it took me most of a day to be satisfied with a 10 square inch plastic piece I “dipped” on my dirt bike for my own experimental purposes.

Mmm. Delicious.

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