There all kinds of people out there who’d rather miss out on many things in life to drive a sports (or just posh) car. To each his own, we say, but this one is very curious.

The footage shows a young man parking a brand new Mustang GT and then hoping out, siting on the sidewalk, put his baseball cap in front of him and… well, wait for by-passers to show some charity.

Three hours later, he just gets up, fires up that V8 and drives off. It does not appear to be a publicity stunt of any type, which begs the question why someone who ones a sparking new ‘Stang would pretend to be a beggar.

It’s really puzzling, isn’t it? And so is the fact that the whole incident is not recorded by some security camera, but an individual. Who, we presume, took note of the red pony car and wanted to shoot it firsthand, was extremely surprised to bear witness to this kind of behavior and stayed around ’till the end.



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