The Only Thing Better Than Carbon Fiber Is Carbon Fiber In Fun...

The Only Thing Better Than Carbon Fiber Is Carbon Fiber In Fun Colors


There’s nothing like staring into the deep finish of fresh carbon fiber and watching the gentle waves dance in the sunlight. The only thing that tops it is, well, more carbon fiber—in color!

Here are a couple details from the brown-tinted carbon fiber on a McLaren P1 at Pebble Beach. That’s right: brown.

The entire car was in carbon fiber, with some in the usual grey, but most tinted in this deep, shimmering brown.

I couldn’t quit looking at it. Most of the parked cars here have a hard time getting my attention. They’re sculptures, not cars at this point. They don’t whisk you away from one place to the next. In this context, they’re pointless objects of one-uppance.

But this lovely P1 stole the show. This deep bronze carbon fiber should be on both sculptures and cars. I want my house finished in this. My fridge. My shelves. Shoot, I want a toilet out of brown carbon fiber—after all, I could use something to look at there.

If you want a car finished in a rainbow of shimmering carbon weave, McLaren will hook you up. Just please be willing to roll with the hoards of people you’ll accumulate staring into the side of your vehicle.

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