20 worst songs to have sex to

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SMILE: Sh*t happens sometimes

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F**k Yeah Friday!


What women say vs. what they mean

Women: They captivate us. They inspire us. They confuse the shit out of us. We love them and love being around them, but sometimes we have no...

#FridayFeeling goofballs


Kanye West was trolled by IKEA, then the world

Let’s preface this story by saying that the “news” you find on the internet nowadays never ceases to amaze me. Take for instance back in March when...

Half Naked Hula Hoop should be an Olympic sport

I’ve recently started following Rachel Sullivan on Instagram. She claims, “I hate pants and loves circles.”… and we’re ok with that. Take note, Rio Olympic Committee.

Sooo… you got wasted

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You never know what you’ll find at the thrift shop

Have you found any crazy or awesome items at the thrift shop? Send them through the submit feature on our free app RIGHT HERE. Submitted by iCHIVE user...